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Thank You for Attending the UTS Festival of Future You 2017!

We have wrapped up our month-long festival designed to feed your career passions and equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to be career-ready!


2017 Past Events


The Festival of Future You Online Challenge is designed to enhance your confidence, employability skills and career know-how, by testing you through a range of career-related challenges.

Challenges are now closed for 2017. 

Challenge 19 – Reflection


Write a reflection piece on how The Festival of Future You has made YOU more career-ready! Tell us in 250- 500 words, what you’ve learnt from taking part in these Online Challenges and you could be selected to WIN the Ultimate Careers Package valued at $1000!

Challenge 18 – Resourcefulness


Today’s challenge is simple: watch this TED Talk with Navi Radjou and get inspired by how people can overcome adversity to solve problems and create amazing things. Who knows, it might just give you the inspiration to increase your own resourcefulness!

Challenge 17 – Playfulness


Today’s challenge is to set aside some time to shake off the daily grind and do something fun! So keep 5.30pm on August 31st free to say goodbye to FOFY in style with our Festival Finale at the Flicks event! Come along and kick up your heels, have some free pizza and popcorn, and join us for a showing of The Internship on the huge UTS:Careers screen on Level 4 of the Tower Building. Register today!

Challenge 16 – Calm


Today’s challenge is to check out this article and think of a strategy that you can use next time you need to ‘keep calm and carry on’.

Challenge 15 – Eloquence


Have a look at TED Talk from Julian Treasure to find out how you can be a more effective speaker, and discover what techniques you can bring to your next presentation or conversation!

Challenge 12 – Decisiveness


To learn more about your own decision-making process, and to see how you can improve, head on over to Abintegro (UTS login required) and take their Sound Decision-Making Quiz!

Challenge 10 – Transferable Skills


Today’s challenge is to head on over to the UTS Careers Blog and check out this post. Once you’re done, think of where you’ve gained experience so far (maybe at university, work, or through extracurricular activities). Write down 3-5 transferable skills you’ve developed through each of these experiences.

Challenge 9 – Supportiveness


Watch this video on ‘Being A Good Listener’, then it’s time to reach out. If someone in your life is struggling, set some time aside to check in on them. It’s easy to get caught up in your own world sometimes, so this is your reminder to practice those listening skills, and offer support to those around you (because one day, they’ll be able to do the same in return!).

Challenge 3 – Innovation


Check out this short video, where Steven Johnson explains where good ideas come from, and make the decision to be open to new ideas. This could mean something as simple as carrying a notebook in your bag (or app on your phone) to jot down any interesting thoughts that come your way. Or even having coffee with a friend who works in your field, and have a chat about how you both could make a difference or create something new in your industry.

Challenge 1 – Confidence


Well, it’s time to take your confidence to the next level by registering for a FOFY event, and introducing yourself to someone new!

By stepping outside of our comfort zones, and discovering that really, these things aren’t so bad, we can build our confidence (and our network at the same time!)


The Festival of Future You Online Challenge is designed to enhance your confidence, employability skills and career know-how, by testing you through a range of career-related challenges.

Follow the Challenge right through to the end, and YOU could WIN an amazing career package valued at over $1k!

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